Laser Spectroscopy Lab


Laser Spectroscopy Lab

Instruments : Lasers: Nd:YAG, Nitrogen, Nitrogen pumped dye
Liquid nitrogen cooled Cryostat, Monochromator, Photomultiplier, Digital storage oscilloscope.
Personal : Prof. Habib Tajalli - Dr.Vagif Salmanov - Keivan Mahmoudi Aghdami
Project Title : Photoluminescence in CH3NH2PbBr2 complex at one and two photon excvitation

Abstract :

We investigated optical absorption and luminescence of some organic materials (CH3NH2, C2H5NH2, …) intercalated in organic lead halide crystal such as PbBr2 and PbI2.
We use nitrogen , dye and Nd:YAG lasers as excitation source for illumination of tablet shaped solid sample placed in liquid nitrogen cooled cryostat. Luminescence light is analyzed by grating monochramator and detected by photo multiplayer. Crystalic properties of samples is also studied by X beam diffraction.

 Results :

This materials show efficient gain in conversion of UV to specified wavelength in visible light depending on amount of organic materials. This gain rapidly increase with decreasing temperature. In addition two photon absorption at Nd:YAG 1064nm wavelength is considerable converting to the same specified wave length in visible region. Also strong excitonic absorption is observed.

Publications : K. Aghdami, H. Tajalli, V.Salmanov, “Photoluminescence in CH3NH2PbBr2 complex at one and two photon excitation”; Proceeding of Iranian Physics Conference P.P. 24 August 25-29 (1998) Kerman - Iran


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