Khadjeh Nassiraldin Observatory

 Khadjeh Nassiraldin Observatory



1)24 inch Telescope

2)16 inch Telescope

3)refractive 6" telescope-photometer- interface- Amplifier power Generator 32kw

Personal : Kermani,M.H- Nagshara H.- Ranjbar, M.-valipour,s. supervisors : Dr.Jassur &Dr Adjabshirizadeh

Project Title -

Abstract 1.observations of close binary system and variable starts. Data recording & processing
2. Data Analysis for obtaining physical & Geometircal parameters
3.submitting of manuscripts in ISI journals.
4.sending short notes of research to IAU (International Astronomical Unions)
5. Teaching Astrophysocal techniques to M.Sc.Students
6. In Astronomical Events such as Eclipses preparing the telescope for Image Capturing & so on

Results -

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Last Update At : 01 January 2017