Synthesis and Crystal Growth:

This lab is equipped with the vacuum making equipment, synthesis equipment, vertical and horizontal Bridgman equipment and exciton electric furnace; all of the equipment are designed and made by the group. This laboratory intends to provide materials for the semiconductor devices lab.


The Thin Film Technology:

The Group has an Evaporation lab which equipped with a set of some modern evaporation plants. This lab has a close collaboration with the solid state physics and electronic Department of Physics faculty. The set is used to produce thin films of different materials with the controllable thickness. The set is also used in making laser mirrors, mirrors with Al and Au coating, making semi-conductive device such as multi-layer semiconductors and heterojunctions of semiconductors (Solar photocells) and photonics crystals.

Semiconductor Devices:

The PEG has a significant effort in the area of modeling of semiconductor electronics and optoelectronics devices such as III-nitride heterostructures and nanostructures for high performance electronics and optoelectronics as solar blind UV detectors, and mercury cadmium telluride (HgCdTe) IR detectors from short wavelength to long wavelength.

Recently, the group has started the to work on Nanoelectronics devices such as single electron transistors (SET), Molecular Resonance Tunneling Devices (RTD), quantum dot lasers, quantum dot detectors and also quantum well modulators.
Last Update At : 01 January 2017