Research Lines

Our research based on the optical and electronic properties of organic materials. The emphasis is on understanding the physical mechanisms involved in the application of organic materials to photonics and optoelectronic technology. We are interested mainly in the properties of organic molecules, liquid crystals and polymers.

All of our projects are interdisciplinary in nature, involving chemists various institutions.

The principal optical experiments in the group include z-scan, pump-probe third order nonlinear optics, coherent second harmonic and third harmonic generation, Kerr and Pockels effects, various waveguiding experiments, and photorefractive 4-wave mixing and 2-beam coupling. We use CW and pulsed lasers in these experiments.

Our current projects include the following subjects:

Optoelectronic properties of Organic materials
Optical and Nonlinear optical properties of organic and plasmonic Materials
Experimental studies of optical properties of dye and carbon nanotube (CNT) doped liquid crystals
Self-organization of azo-polymeric materials under light illumination
Inorganic and organic-inorganic luminescent materials synthesis and characterization
Spectroscopic studies of organic materials
Chiral photonics
Organic solar cells as new and clean energy resources
OLED’s as new kind of light sources

Last Update At : 01 December 2014