International Workshop on Quantum Computing and Quantum Optics 30-31 Oct. 2019 – Tabriz - Iran


The workshop focuses on new trends and recent developments in Quantum Optics and Quantum Computing sciences. It will cover a wide range of topics related to light-mater interaction, quantum coherent phenomena, quantum nonlinear optics, controlling single qubit, implementing quantum algorithms, quantum teleportation, quantum entanglement, and quantum information processes and etc.  We hope to exhibit the real connection between quantum sciences and technology providing the participants with deep insights into quantum mechanics and photonics.

The workshop is privileged to have the contributions of leading scientists from all over the world, in the forms of public talks and technical meetings. There is also an opportunity for young researchers in these fields to present their latest findings in a poster session. While everybody is invited to submit a two-page abstract (see the website for the template), a review process will entail to choose those with the highest impact.

The workshop hopes to provide a friendly and active atmosphere for the students and researchers to learn, practice and share their visions with the experts in these fields of quantum physics and photonics.

IWQCQO accepted papers will be indexed by ISC.

Abstact submission deadline is extended until 19 Oct 2019

Last Update At : 12 October 2019