Talk Titles


Titles & speakers:

Prof. Rozelot: Our Sun, an old celestial body as a young star.

Prof. Koutchmy (1): Latest news from the Sun and its Corona observed at eclipses.

Dr. Mouette: 1- In the shadow of the Moon: preparing the 2017 Total solar eclipse.

                      2- Movie of the 2017 solar eclipse in the US.

Dr. Morel (1): 1- 2018 summer: the great show of planet Mars.

                   2- How to predict the brightness of a totally eclipsed lunar disc?

Prof. Koutchmy (2) & Dr. J. Martin: Being prepared for observation

Dr. Morel (2): 1- 2003 May 31th: the eclipse that ended before it began.

                       2- 2008 February 21th: a race against the clouds for a total lunar eclipse.

**Observation program in RIAPA observation Site (Bilindi Mountain):

17:00 Travel to Observation site of RIAPA- Khaje Nasir Toosi site

           Equipment preparing and observation:

           Sylvie Laurent, J. Martin, Patrice Gormot, Philippe Morel and Jean Mouette

             Eclips starting time: 21:44 PM.  Complete Eclipse time: 00:51 AM

            Program before Eclipse time: Star Party: observation of Mars:

                                  By Ayaz society of Astronomy

        Eclipse ending time: 1:57 AM.

Last Update At : 12 June 2018