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The Research Institute for Applied & Astronomy (RIAPA) invites researchers with doctoral degree to collaborate in a post-doctoral research program in relevant research topics of RIAPA (photonics, bio-photonics, optoelectronics, etc.). This collaboration is accomplished in two ways come below. Please study the rules carefully and if you are interested, contact us through .

1. In the framework of the postdoctoral research program of University of Tabriz. Please click.

2. In the framework of the project of cooperation with Iranian experts and scientists from abroad, University of Tabriz that is one of the selected universities of the National Elite Foundation(NEF), is ready to host Iranian researchers residing abroad. In this regard, Research Institute for Applied Physics& Astronomy (RIAPA), is ready to host these researchers in the field of photonics, plasma, astrophysics and astronomy and relevant interdisciplinary branches.

 The project has been founded  in order to transfer knowledge, experience and technological ideas to the country, as well as to establish effective communication between non-resident Iranian scientists and experts and its counterparts and academic centers selected by the NEF. Supports cover programs such  as  post-doctoral degree, sabbatical opportunity, visiting professor, defining short-term and long-term projects and holding lectures and specialized workshops.
To find out details of the plan and the amount of supports, please refer to:

RIAPA has the honor to invite non-resident interested Iranian researcher to visit RIAPA as postdoctoral researcher or invited speaker or sabbatical leave.  To register, please kindly complete the registration form through following URL: and select University of Tabriz and RIAPA  as host University and Institute, then inform RIAPA by its email address as . In a few days their request will be approved.

Last Update At : 27 December 2017