Speakers & Titles:


Prof. Li:  Recent research progress on the photovoltaic materials for nonfullerene polymer solar cells

Prof. Behjat:  Study of Plasmonics and non-Plasmonics effects of metal nanoparticles in perovskite solar cells

Prof. Abdi:  Electron transport in nanostructured solar cells

Prof. Jagadish: Semiconductor Nanowires for Optoelectronics Applications

Prof.  Martyniuk: MEMS-based optical filters for spectrally adaptive sensing from visible, through infrared, to terahertz

 Dr. Darbari:  Graphene-based optoelectronic devices

Dr. Mottaghizadeh: High frequency modulation of Quantum Cascade Lasers



Speakers & Titles:

Kapil Adhikari: A Hybrid Density Functional Perspective into Synthetic Pathways of Silicon Carbide Nanotubes

Zahra Arefinia:  Fundamental Losses in Quantum Dot Intermediate Band Solar Cells

Mahsa Felegari: Tailoring the anodic oxidation process to produce bamboo-type TiO2 nanotubes for dye sensitized solar cells applications

Tahereh Nemati Aram: Yield of charge separation in organic photovoltaic cells

Hamideh Noori Mahtaj: Absorption enhancement of spherical nano-shells using graphene substrate for solar cell applications

Fatemeh Moradiani: Design and Analysis of Plasmonic Switch at mid-IR Wavelengths with Graphene Nano-Ribbons



Speakers & Titles:

Hamed Baghban: Relative Intensity Noise Analysis of Quantum Dot Semiconductor Lasers

Farzaneh Bayat: Optimizing the concentration of the colloidal solution in growing 2D colloidal crystals

Seyad Farshad Akhtarianfar: Fabrication of field-effect transistor (FET) based on ZnO nanowire/graphene nanoribbon heterostructures

Hamid Kazemi Hakki: Caoting of TiO2 nanoparticles on glass for photocatalytic treatment of wastewater; Effect of calcination temperature

Shahla Golghasemi: New exotic Azo-oparticles with directional superficial photofluidization

Somaiyeh Baghbani: Decolorization of Wastewater in a Continuous Flow Photoreactor Using ZnO Nanoparticles; Experimental Design

Razieh SheydaeiPour: Resistance Effect On DNA Sensing Parameters


Last Update At : 22 May 2017