Kwang S. Kim:


Superfunctional Nanomaterials and Nanodevices: Electronic/Spintronic Transport, Spectroscopy, and Dynamics

Stefano Bellucci:

Graphene in high-frequency electronics: microwave-photonic devices

Alper Kiraz:

Quantum dot optofluidic lasers and their prospects for biochemical sensing

Ezzedin Mohajerani:

Organic materials for photonics: challenges&opportunities

Nima Taghavinia:

Perovskite solar cells: Promising printable photovoltaics

Maziar Marandi:

Quantum dot sensitized solar cells and their progress towards higher energy conversion efficiencies


Reza Kheradmand:

All optical devices based on two dimensional systems

Masih Darbandi:


Last Update At : 24 December 2016