Talk Titles

Prof. Yusef. Sobuti :TBA

:Prof. Jean-Pierre Rozelot
"Cosmology, Gravity, Results the Planck Mission" 

Prof. Martin. Dominik: Gravitational microlensing - Probing populations of
celestial bodies over nine decades in mass

:Prof. Guillaume Hebrard
"Exo- Planets: Observations; Methodology; Results" 

:Prof. Serge Koutchmy 
"Solar Activity: Eruptions; Flares; Space Weather and Space Climate"

Prof. Sohrab. Rahvar: Follow-up observation of Microlensing events in radio wavelengths

:Prof. Hassan. Firouzjahi 
"Early Universe Cosmology: Theory to Observations"

Prof. Ali. Adjabshirizadeh
"Sun Electric Model"

Dr Ehsan. Tavabi
"Solar Spicules"
Last Update At : 24 December 2016