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Dr. Sohrab Ahmadi, Director

Welcome to the Research Institute for Applied Physics & Astronomy (RIAPA).
RIAPA is a unique multidisciplinary research institute devoted to conducting, supporting, and encouraging photonics, Plasma engineering and Astronomy.
As director of RIAPA, I envision our Institute as part of a vital strategy to invest in emerging research fields that may defy today’s traditional academic classification. Tomorrow’s challenges demand innovative and unconventional approaches that cross or dissolve the boundaries of classic disciplines. Departments in RIAPA work on modern-day problems that lie at the intersection of materials science, mathematics, physics, Optics, Condensed matter and Astrophysics. Our research is notable for its breadth of scale: photons and forces acting on the nanometer-scale to the fields interacting in interplanetary space, researchers in RIAPA are advancing the forefront of knowledge and technology. plasma engineering equipment and advanced lasers labs to semiconductor quantum dots , polymers, metallic nanostructures and new two dimensional materials, our unique and flexible research facility is home to some of the largest and smallest experiments on our campus, and our professional technical staff provides unparalleled technical support. We encourage the students to contribute to new concepts and technologies through innovative teaching methods that combine student-faculty interactions, computer-based education. Our Post-graduate programs lead to the M.S. and the Ph.D. in Photonics and Plasma engineering.
RIAPA is built upon a 35-year history of innovation and sustained excellence in optics. Today, RIAPA remains a vibrant and active intellectual community that spans multiple departments and colleges throughout the University of Tabriz. We are home to more than 5 tenured and research department, and more than 90 graduate and undergraduate students. Our diversity of expertise is matched by a shared culture of excellence and a common appreciation for interdisciplinary collaboration.
We would like to cooperate with the scientific research centers both in Iran and abroad to promote the research level through doing joint projects and exchanging academics.
I invite you to take some time to visit our website and learn more about the latest research, achievements, expertise and events. Even better, I encourage you to visit our laboratory in person, to meet our students and faculty and be inspired by the innovation, ambition, and creativity you will find here.

Previous directors
Prof .Manuchehr Kalafi Prof .Habib Tajali Prof .mostafa Sahrai Prof. Asghar Asgari

Last Update At : 18 February 2018