Optoelectronic or photonic technologies influence our lives today in a way that we could never have imagined just a few decades ago. Optics now enables several of the largest global industries such as fiber-optic communications, optical sensing, solar energy conversion and LED lighting. It has enabled huge advances in health-care and life sciences and in the chemical, electronic, aerospace and automotive manufacturing industries. In the coming decades, photonics will play an even more important role as systems integrating photonics, electronics and bio-chemical/analytical functions become ubiquitous in the global society

Strive to achieve intellectual excellence and scientific spirit by developing human potential to its fullest
Conduct inter nationality scientific research into fundamentals and applied science underlying quantum optics, optical communication and to develop novel technologies for real world applications.
To develop innovative and cutting edge technologies, new projects and processes in the field of quantum optics and optical communication.

To create world class PC scientists with a sound background in science and managing of quantum optics and optical communication Systems
Last Update At : 30 November 2014