According to an enormous interest, in recent years, in photonics and its applications, our institute consistently ranks among the top in Iran, attracts outstanding students holding Physics or Electronics B.Sc. for a M.Sc. degree in Photonics.

The two-year M.Sc. degree in Photonics gives a broad education in the subject with an individual project in the final year.  The courses involve the students in all aspects of Photonics.

The degree is accredited by the Iranian Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and divided to three divisions " Electronic Photonics", "Organic Photonics" and " Physics and Telecommunication Photonics". The courses of the degree also divided to essential and special courses:

Essential courses:

1- Advanced Quantum Mechanics

2- Electrodynamics

3- Photonics (I)


Special courses:



 Electronic Photonics

Physics Photonics



Telecommunication Photonics

Semiconductor  optoelectronic

Laser  spectroscopy

Optical information Processing

Design of Optical Integrated Circuit

Physics of polymers and liquid crystals

Optical Telecommunication systems I

Design of High frequency electronics

Organic  optoelectronics

Optical Telecommunication systems II

Special Topics

Optical properties of organic materials

Advanced Laser Physics

Optical Properties of  low dimensional semiconductors

Organic optical devices

Introduction to Nonlinear Optics


Optical design

Introduction to Quantum Optics

Photonics Crystal

Photonics Crystals

Photonic  Crystals

Photonics (II)

Photonics (II)

Photonics (II)

Quantum Electronics

Quantum electronics

Quantum electronics

Photonics Lab

Photonics Lab.


Photonics Lab.

Advanced mathematical

Advanced mathematics

Advanced mathematics




Special Topics

Special topics

Special Topics

Advanced solid state physics


Advanced Statistical Mechanics



Quantum  Information

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