Seminar & colloquium


11 March 2017

Smart windows based on cholesteric liquid crystals

Amid ranjkesh


1 January 2017

Semiconductor Nanostructures Optoelectronics

Nima Dehdashti Akhavan

20 December 2017

An Atomistic View of Dynamics and communication in proteins

Tahereh GHane

Monday 18

December 2017

Supramolecular Polymerisation: A Molecular Dynamics Approach

Hadi Hoseinian Arefi
Monday 16 October 2017 Iranian National Observatory Project

Prof. Habib Khosroshahi

Monday 11 September 2017

MEMS-Based Silicon Photonics Universal Programmable Processors

Hamed Sattari

Sunday 27 August 2017

Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs):
Challenges Toward Realizing High-brightness OLEDs and
Electrically-pumped Organic Solid-State Lasers

Afshin Shahalizadeh

Monday 8 May 2017 Biophotons and their Application in diagnostic of our cells performance

Prof. Hashem Rafii Tabar

Tuesday , 2 May 2017 Quantized Fields : Principles , Challenges Physics-Mathemtics relation


Prof. Farhad Ghabousi

Monday 26 April 2017 Prof. Ali Javan and his scientific achievements

Prof. Habib Tajali

October 24-2016, 11:30 AM Cognitive Science-Landscapes & Application Dr. Gholamreza Chalabianlou
Saturday 12 March 2016
10:00 AM
Flatland: Graphene and beyond
Dr. Zahra Gholamvand
Monday, 22 February2016 11:00 AM Enhanced nonlinear optical response in nanoscale   
Prof. Wojtek Wlodarsk
19 October, 11:30 AM
Parallel Quantum Circuit in a Tunnel Junction Dr. Omid Feyzi Namvar
  Memristor Devices : A System to study Metal - Insulator Transition Dr Alireza Mottaghizadeh
   DNA Sequencing Techniques: A review Dr. Reza Rezapour
 19 May .2015 11:30 AM Seminar: The sun Gravity and General Relativity
25Apr 2015
Management and chemical sensing of toxic mercury based on nanotechnology
3 Dec. 0214. 11:00 AM Climate Change and Global Warming of the Earth
Prof : Y. Sobuti
23 Nov .2014 10:00 AM The solar Diameter and Irradiance Variability
Prof: S. Koutchmy
IAP- Paris-France
19 Nov 2014
11:00 AM

Dark Matter or Modified Gravity
Prof. S. Rahvar
Sharif university of technology- Iran
10 Nov 2014
Nobel prize of 2014:
Blue LEDs

  Dr S.Shojei         Prof: A.Asgari